Why It Is Vital to Look After Grout

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Grout is an important aspect of a home, however, it can often go neglected. People often forget that grout needs to be looked after in a different way than then tile does. If grout is not looked after it can become discolored, and even broken making the tiles more vulnerable to breakage. Looking after the grout is a vital part of keeping the house clean and it is so important for the overall health of everyone in a home.


Cracks and crevices are a great place for bacteria to build up, the spaces in between tiles can be a breeding ground for bacteria if the grout is neglected. If grouting starts to crack because it’s in a high foot traffic area, bacteria can get into those cracks and settle there, not even the best mop will be able to get the bacteria out of these cracks. These bacteria can be unhealthy and can result in a smell if it not removed.

Tile Protection

Tiles were laid on the grout to keep them in place and keep them safe. If tKeep Grout Safehe grout is neglected because it’s not cleaned and taken care of, the grout no longer is able to do its job of protecting the tile. The sides of tiles are the most vulnerable part of the tile and therefore the most likely to become cracked or chipped. If dirt settles into the space beside a tile it is more likely that erosion will occur or even a break due to debris being kicked around by feet.

How to Keep Grout Safe

Grout is not difficult to look after. To keep grout looking fresh and new simply clean the grout separately from the rest of the floor, targeting the grout. Do not use harsh chemicals or cleaners as this can harm the grout but do you give it a good dust off with a soft brush.

If the grout has been neglected and is too far gone, call The Grout Specialist. They can clean and repair the grout as well as take care of any grout recoloring. They are happy to help with the grout in any Denver home.


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