Tips for Maintaining Your Floors This Winter

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The winter elements in Englewood, CO aren’t the most ideal if you’re a homeowner looking to maintain your floors. Snow, mud, and rock salt are all elements that can cause damage to your tile flooring and grout — each of these harsh elements cause scratches, stains, and cracks. We understand how frustrating winter damage can be. That’s why in this article, we’re sharing a few easy tips that will help you prevent your flooring this winter.

Cleaning the floor with bucket

If you aren’t sure what cleaning products are best for your tiling, you can have your tiles cleaned professionally.

Prevent Rock Salt Damage

Rock salt is extremely useful over the winter season — it helps prevent us all from slipping on the ice that forms on our driveways and sidewalks and allows us to drive safely on the road. However, it’s not something that should be welcomed in your front foyer. Rock salt is crystalline, and its hard edges can scratch your tiling. to prevent damage, keep a sturdy welcome mat for everyone to wipe their shoes on before entering the house. Additionally, you should also hire a tile sealing specialist before the start of the winter season to provide an extra protective layer for your tiled flooring.

Routine Maintenance

It’s essential to follow a regular home maintenance routine all year round. Cleaning regularly with products that are safe for your flooring will help prevent the buildup of any debris that could damage or stain your flooring.

During the winter, there’s a higher chance that you could track mud and dissolved salt into your home. If left unattended, these substances could dry and stain your floor. As a result, you may need to clean your flooring more often, your tiling will thank you in the long-term. If you’re not sure what to use on your floors, consult a grout cleaning expert for the best advice on cleaning products.

Protect your tile flooring from the winter elements and contact The Grout Specialist for professional tile cleaning and sealing services. 


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