Sealing Grout: What is it and Why Do I Need It?

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When installing new tile or repairing an old one, you apply grout to hold everything together. Grout is the final touch that creates the sharp, professional look in the space. However, grout needs help. It is an extremely porous material, and dirt, bacteria, and grime can easily become trapped in it, causing discoloration and staining. Grout can also easily become damaged, which if not taken care of immediately, can lead to more damage and mold. But, there is a way you can protect your grout and tiles.

What is Grout Sealer?

Grout sealer is a substance placed on the grout, and it acts as a protector against many threats. It can act as a barrier to prevent the bacteria and dirt from being trapped in the substance, and if colored liquids or other substances spill on the grout, it helps prevent staining and immediate discoloration.

Is Sealer Necessary?

In most cases, you should certainly use a grout sealer. This not only protects the grout but also helps it maintain a cleaner, more professional look for a more extended period. Without it, you will find yourself repairing the grout often, instead of years apart. However, if you use certain types of grout, you may not need to use a grout sealer. Some epoxy-based products do not require a sealer.

grout repairIs Sealing Grout a Simple DIY Project?

You can certainly seal the grout in your home by yourself, but you may want to think it through first. It can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, and if you do it incorrectly, you could hinder the professional and quality look of your tile and grout.

One of your best options is to hire a professional grout repair company in Denver to handle all grout repair, cleaning, and sealing projects. When working with a professional, you will have someone who is trained, has the right equipment, and the time to do the job well.

For more information on grout sealing and to schedule an appointment to repair and seal the grout in your Denver home, contact The Grout Specialists today at (720) 517-8041.

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