What To Ask Your Grout Installer

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When it comes to grout installation in Centennial or any other major home improvement project, there’s a certain amount of diminishing returns that you see at a DIY level. For this reason, or simply the added quality and peace of mind, most people prefer to work with a contractor. However, when narrowing down contractors, an inquisitive mind is your greatest asset. Here are some of the key questions you want to ask.

The Questions To Think About

Travertine FlooringA lot of your work should be done beforehand, so when the time comes to ask questions, you’re looking for corroboration rather than clarity. For example, a quick scan of the company’s website or basic information should clear things up like the licenses and insurance that they have. By bringing this up in your questions, you can make sure that things are consistent with their marketing.

One good question to bring up in the initial set of questions is whether or not your contractor uses subcontractors. There’s no guarantee that the subcontractor will have the same qualifications, after all. Something else worth asking is who you point of contact is going to be while the job is going on in case you find any last-minute questions or issues.

The Pricing Question

When asking about pricing, it’s important to understand that not all jobs are the same, so if you ask for a flat fee, chances are that your contractor isn’t going to be able to give you one. Depending on the nature of your room and existing grout, if you have some, there’s a lot of different factors that may impact exactly how much you are quoted. There are some price related questions you can ask, like exactly how they calculate their estimates or what fees you may have to pay outside of basic labor costs. This will keep you from having to pay any surprise expenses down the line.

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