3 Things to Ask Your Grout Cleaners

When working with a grout cleaning company in Colorado, you may have some questions about proper care, replacements, and maintenance. A professional grout cleaner will be happy to provide you [...]

Avoiding Travertine Travesties

When it comes to timeless flooring choices, few things can compete with travertine tile. Travertine, a type of limestone, has been used as flooring for centuries, from Italian villas to upscale [...]

Giving Vintage Bathrooms New Life

From mid-century furniture to macramé wall hangings, that which was old is new (and hot) again. Vintage bathroom tile is no exception. The traditional tiles of the 40’s and 50’s, be they white, [...]

Choosing the Right Grout Color

When having new tile installed in their home, most people spend a great deal of time carefully selecting the tile itself, and spend very little on the selection of the grout. Grout color, [...]

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