We are The Grout Specialist, a company that cares what your bathroom and kitchen floor look like. In the 23 years that we have been around, we have worked with residential and commercial clients. floor grout is most of the time neglected as time passes. It is simply a part of the bathroom or floor new owners or landlords don't see up close. floor grout tends to crack over time, allowing bacteria and mold to form in its tiny crevasses. Our staff has been certified and trained to care for your home’s grout cleaning, restoration, or even replacement needs.  

A quote at no cost to you

Give The Grout Specialist a call for a quick estimate with precise pricing on labor and materials to take care of your floor grout problem. We can restore your floor grout or clean it at a good price. Let our floor grout experienced staff do the worrying to care of your home needs today. Our experts have been cleaning and restoring floor grout for over two decades. Give us a ring today!

Slime and Grime

As the years go by, floor grout will surely deteriorate and allow bacteria to live in the small cracks of your wall. Shower walls floor grout tend to build up grind and mold, allowing germs andbacteria to set themselves in it. Slime and grime in your kitchen floor can be the major conduit for this small bacteria. Call us if this is your problem with floor grout; we can take care of it in no time. Our experience and commitment serve us to do the best work around your area.  

There are times when it is necessary to replace the floor grout in your bathroom or kitchen floor. Allow our 23 years of experience to serve you and help you take care of your home. It is important to service your wall’s floor grout to avoid leakage during rainy seasons and to keep your home airtight. Don't wait another day! We are here to help you with the cleaning of your tiles' floor grout. We can seal it, restore it – you name it, we've got the solution. We have served thousands of homes in the state of Colorado, and we can assure your satisfaction and peace of mind. Call now, don't wait! Visit us at www.thegroutspecialist.com for more information on how to best care for your home! Our staff is standing by, ready to answer your call or email and answer all questions you have for us. Call today!